Forward Controls Releases New HSM Handstop for MLOK Handguards

Forward Controls Design is excited to introduce our HSM (Hand-Stop, M-LOK) from our upcoming line of foregrips. This product, originally designed in 2019, was a modular handstop that could be adapted into a medium-length or full-length foregrip through attachments. Despite being pleased with the design, its cost and complexity led us to opt for standalone versions instead, in order to maintain simplicity and affordability.

What sets the HSM apart from numerous handstops on the market? The primary distinctions are its overall width and the ergonomic design for intuitive finger placement. From the beginning, the HSM was designed to be wider – 1.25 inches – than the standard 0.75-inch mounting base width of the MLOK handguard. This increased width offers greater surface area and contact for improved traction with the user’s hand. The noticeable overhang on both sides of the HSM is a deliberate design feature, and one we feel that has been lacking as an option on the market for those who find benefits of a wider surface to grip for recoil management.


The flutes on the sides of the tool are designed to rest the user’s fingertips. This feature is less noticeable on the HSM due to its short length, and it is more useful on the short grip version. However, as an intuitive resting point so that gripping the fore-end is consistent, it still does quite well if you just want the shortest fore-end grip possible that you still grab “AK” style.

The serrations on six sides of the HSM provide excellent traction, angled at 10 degrees off-perpendicular. The HSM is reversible and functions well in either position. Made of 6061 aluminum and hard-coat anodized, the HSM is available in black, FDE, and OD Green. As always, it is proudly designed and made in the USA.