Forward Controls Design Expands Pistol Optic Plate Lineup

Forward Controls Design Expands Pistol Optic Plate Lineup

Forward Controls Design is excited to announce new additions to the OPF (Optics Plate, Forward Controls) family of optics plates. Forward Controls Design supports factory-milled slides, as they provide a standardized mounting solution for a wide variety of optics that users can choose to mount on their handguns.

FCD primarily develops and produces plates for LE and MIL authorized and issued pistols, and supports optics made in USA and allied countries.  OPF-G, RMR started shipping in March of 2020 and, within months, these plates became known as the best plates for Glock MOS and RMR, FCD has been delivering these hard use products to LE, MIL, and civilian customers ever since.

FCD’s plates focus on three criterias: A design that can hold the optics immobile before the sight to plate screws are installed and torqued to spec (for optics with screws installed from the top, such as RMR, SRO, and RMR HD), tight tolerances, and material. All of which must be met for a product made for LE and MIL applications.

Machined by shops in Texas and Idaho, FCD only uses US sourced 4140 steel with tight tolerances exceeding that of the pistol manufacturers. OPF optics plates provide secure mounting for optics that can maintain zero through drops, one hand loading/reloading manipulations, and battery changes (RMR).

In August, we have added additional plates for the Heckler & Koch VP9, Staccato, and the FN 509T. For a complete list of all OPFs organized by handgun and optic, see the chart below. As always, these products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.