Forging a Legacy: The Bloomer Trailers Journey of Passion and Perseverance

In a world of endless choices, Bloomer Trailers stands out. Why? For over 20 years, they’ve clung to solid values. Their commitment? Making life easier for you and your horses.

At the heart of Bloomer Trailers is trust. They work tirelessly, ensuring each trailer hits the road with top-notch components.

But did you know Bloomer’s story is a testament to the American dream?

At 34, Randy Bloomer felt a void in the trailer industry. Passionate and keen-eyed, he saw room for improvement. When bosses resisted change, he didn’t waver. From a payphone, he shared a bold idea with his wife, Kim: to start their brand. The ambition? Design the best trailer ever. That dream began on a simple Denny’s napkin.

Randy Bloomer

Sacrifices were made. Assets sold. Their journey began humbly in LaMarque, Texas. Within two years, their innovations reshaped the trailer world.

2003 marked a new chapter. They constructed a modern facility in Salado, Texas. Symbolized by the Alamo’s grandeur, this spot promises commitment to customers. Over 40 dedicated staff relocated, maintaining the brand’s legacy.

Randy’s leadership shines. Each new model, like “The Evolution”, echoes a relentless quest for perfection. They don’t just set standards; they elevate the industry.

Their dedication to youth rodeo is unparalleled. Since 2009, they’ve raised over $2 million for Texas High School Rodeo. Beyond funding, Bloomer supports young athletes, molding their careers with the Bloomer Youth Team.

Randy Bloomer with part of the Yellowstone crew Cole Hauser aka Rip, Executive Producer Taylor Sheridan and Brett at Run For a Million.

Family is Bloomer’s backbone. To join them is to join a legacy bigger than just trailers.

Randy once remarked, “Success isn’t achieved alone. Many have shaped our journey.”

Bloomer Trailers in the television series, Yellowstone:


Today, Bloomer Trailers aren’t just trailers. They’re chosen by champions, celebrities, and even grace screens on shows like Yellowstone. Proudly affiliated with top rodeo events, their dream remains alive: crafting the perfect trailer, one unit at a time.

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