Flux Defense Launches the Raider 365

Flux Defense Launches the Raider 365

Introducing the Raider 365: the smallest and fastest PDW in the world. The Raider 365 works with any Sig p365 slides, barrels and FCU’s. It features an auto-deploy side-folder for the fastest PDW draw from concealment on the market and has the same patented speed-load system for rapid emergency reloads. The optional holster is both IWB and OWB and is compatible with Safariland QLS.


The concept of the shoulderable sidearm is to give Law Enforcement, American Military and civilians overmatch capability over bad guys using traditional handguns. Essentially, the shooter has all the advantages of using a PCC, while being the size of a full size handgun. It’s more stable and more accurate at longer distances, but in a package that can be holstered. Despite having a 6” barrel, the Raider 365 is nearly the same size as a Glock 17 with X300.

The Raider 365 is as fast as a pistol. You can watch a Dicken Drill in 2.97 seconds from concealment or a Bill Drill from appendix holster in 1.52 seconds with a .83 draw on our instagram.

The concealed carry Raider 365 can be holstered IWB, fits in the SOCS Vertx fanny pack, our sling bag and a coming shoulder rig that can be concealed under suit coats for executive protection.


Up to 43 Rounds on the gun with optional mag extensions

Optional 6” True Precision Barrel

Optional Holster that is IWB and OWB Safariland QLS spring

Machined out of 7075 aluminum

Designed and made in the USA. Patents Pending.

Lifetime Warranty