Firearms That Salute the Stars and Stripes Now Available Through Sports South

Firearms That Salute the Stars and Stripes Now Available Through Sports South

Independence Day holds a special place in the hearts of Americans as a celebration of freedom and patriotism. This day commemorates the birth of a nation that fought for its independence and values. Among the many facets that make up the tapestry of American culture, firearms hold a prominent place. On this momentous occasion, we pay tribute to the remarkable milestone, showcasing a selection if firearms that embodies the essence of American artistry, tenacity, and patriotism.

1. Auto-Ordnance 1911 Revolution:

The Auto-Ordnance 1911 Revolution is a masterpiece that pays homage to the classic 1911 design. Chambered in .45 ACP, it features a 5-inch barrel and GI sights. With a distressed midnight blue Cerakote finish, the carbon steel beavertail frame and serrated engraved slide add a touch of rugged elegance. The custom engraved Gonaclo wood grip showcases intricate craftsmanship and enhances the visual appeal. This 1911 model embodies the timeless heritage and strength of American firearms.

2. Heritage Rough Rider Independence Day:

The Heritage Rough Rider Independence Day revolver is a tribute to the American flag and the brave soldiers who defend it. Featuring a custom-designed US flag with a soldier grip, this .22 LR revolver embodies patriotic devotion. The black oxide barrel, frame, and cylinder provide durability, while the 6-shot capacity and 6.50″ barrel length make it a reliable choice for recreational shooting.

3. Bond Arms Protect the 2nd Amendment:

The Bond Arms Protect the 2nd Amendment 45 Colt is a testament to the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. With an engraved barrel, stainless steel finish, and extended-engraved rosewood grip, this compact firearm exudes elegance and power. The manual safety and 2-round capacity ensure both functionality and safety. It comes with the PT2A premium driving holster, making it a versatile choice for personal defense.

4. Ruger LCP with American Flag:

The Ruger LCP 380 pays tribute to the American flag with its high-performance glass-filled nylon grip frame and American flag Cerakote finish on the slide. This compact pistol chambered in .380 ACP is a balance of concealability and firepower. Its through-hardened steel slide ensures durability, while the 6+1 capacity provides sufficient ammunition for self-defense.

5. Bond Arms Old Glory:

The Bond Arms Old Glory lives up to its American pride with its American flag cerekoted 3.5 inches barrel and frame. The custom-engraved extended black ash grip adds a touch of sophistication. This derringer guarantees reliability and user-friendly operation while boasting auto extractors and a resilient hammer. It makes an outstanding embodiment of American patriotism and the artistry of its craftsmanship.

6. Citadel 1911-A1 Government with Ammo Can:

The Citadel 1911-A1 Government stands out with its American flag Cerakote finish on the forged steel frame and slide. This full-size 1911 pistol incorporates the classic Series 70 firing system and features an extended stop for improved control. The black G10 grip ensures a firm hold, while the ambidextrous safety adds versatility. It comes with two magazines and an ammo can, making it an excellent package for enthusiasts.

7. Glock G43X Operator Flag:

The Glock G43X is a sub-compact pistol that embraces the American spirit with its Operator Flag Cerakote finish on the slide and polymer frame. It features a beavertail and Picatinny rail for enhanced control and accessory attachment. The rough-textured beavertail grips provide a comfortable and secure hold, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry.

8. Rossi Rio Bravo US Flag:

The Rossi Rio Bravo is a lever-action rifle that pays tribute to American heritage with its polished US flag engraved receiver. With a 15+1 capacity and an 18″ round barrel, this .22 LR rifle offers reliable performance and accuracy. The fiber optic sights ensure quick target acquisition, while the synthetic stock provides durability and resistance to the elements.

9. Taurus TX22 Full Size .22 LR:

The Taurus TX22 Full Size combines functionality and a distressed US flag Cerakote finish for a visually appealing firearm. With a 10+1 capacity and a 4.10″ barrel, this pistol is suitable for recreational shooting and self-defense. The polymer frame with a Picatinny rail offers versatility for accessories, while the right-hand orientation ensures ease of use.

10. Browning Mark Plus Vision Americana Suppressor Ready:

The Browning Mark Plus Vision Americana showcases the American spirit with its Americana-themed steel barrel and matte black optic-ready/serrated steel slide. The blue anodized aluminum frame with black Ultragrip FX grips provides an ergonomic and reliable shooting experience. The threaded barrel with a muzzle brake allows for easy attachment of suppressors or other accessories.

As we celebrate Independence Day, it’s paramount to recognize the values that have shaped the United States and honor the freedoms it upholds. Whether you appreciate their aesthetics, historical significance, or practical use, these firearms remind us of the rights and privileges we hold dear as Americans. Let us cherish our independence, remember the sacrifices made for our freedom, and continue to uphold the principles that define our great nation.

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