Finnish Brutality Attracts Shooters from Around the World

Finnish Brutality Attracts Shooters from Around the World

Military specialist store Varusteleka will organize the internationally acclaimed Finnish Brutality shooting competition for the seventh time on August 24, 25.8, 2024. This year’s competition is twice as big as before, and the first batch of tickets sold out in a few seconds.

Varusteleka is one of the biggest military and outdoor specialist stores in Europe. This summer, their Finnish Brutality match will be held for the seventh time at “Lopen ampumaurheilukeskus”, a shooting range in southern Finland. This year, the event will bring together 280 competitors from numerous countries.

Finnish Brutality is an international 2-gun action match that tests the contestants’ physical fitness and marksmanship. The match has 10 stages that are shot within two days. This year, the stages are even more demanding than before, and in the Breacher Division, one must perform physically straining tasks in full combat gear even between stages.

Finland has a very active military reservist and practical shooting scene. However, this competition also attracts shooters from many other countries. The first batch of tickets was sold in 3 seconds, and the second will be up for grabs on May 29. In addition to competitive shooters, the competition also brings large-caliber YouTube influencers to Finland, such as Forgotten Weapons and PSR from the USA and Polenar Tactical from Slovenia.

Brutality matches also take place in other countries. Last weekend, Lynx Brutality was arranged in Slovenia. In the USA, Desert Brutality, Midnight Brutality, and Woodland Brutality are arranged every year.

Due to its action-packed nature, the competition is also exciting for spectators. Media representatives are warmly welcome! Please inform us of your attendance by August 22 at the latest ( Bring your own eye and ear protection. We can also arrange a tour of our facilities.

You can find further information and rules on the Varusteleka Website.

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