Overland Expo East Product Showcase: Escapod Trailers TOPO2 Nomad

Utah-based Escapod Trailers, a NATM and OSHA-certified leader in the creation of composite off-road teardrop trailers, has unveiled its newest member in the TOPO2 series, the TOPO2 Nomad. Engineered for wanderers who heed the call of spontaneity and simplicity, this trim level offers a versatile and thoroughly efficient approach to exploration. Starting at just $33,990, it’s designed for those who are eager to step into the unknown and are in search of true, unhindered adventures.

“The TOPO2 Nomad is a testament to what’s truly essential in a teardrop trailer. Stripping away the extras without compromising on quality and reliability, we’ve crafted a companion that’s ready for any adventure,” said Escapod co-founder, Jen Hudak.

TOPO2 Nomad’s Notable Features

  • Composite Monocoque Body: Durability and design rolled into one.
  • Freeride Suspension: Built to tackle rugged terrains.
  • Expansive interior space: Maximum comfort & versatility in a compact design.
  • Massive Stargazer Window: Connection with nature even when “inside”.
  • 4-season usability: Built for every adventure, every time of the year.
  • 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Trust and quality assurance from Escapod.

For those looking to customize their experience, the TOPO2 Nomad allows adventurers to incorporate camping gear they already own or to completely outfit it with offerings from Escapod. In many ways, this trailer goes back to Escapod’s roots, delivering a trailer with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s also a family-friendly option with an expanded interior cabin space that can fit a child’s bed option (product not yet available).

Alongside this release, the acclaimed TOPO2 will undergo a rebranding as the TOPO2 Voyager. “The Voyager offers limitless exploration with added comfort,” states co-founder, Jen Hudak. Meticulously designed for longer journeys filled with discovery, the Voyager includes more integrated amenities (stove, sink, shower, heater, water tank, solar panel, crossbars, and awning). It remains the answer for travelers wishing to traverse vast distances while enjoying a heightened comfort level.

Enhanced Digital Purchasing Experience

Escapod has continuously evolved its offerings to ensure customers have the best purchasing experience. With digital tools such as the “Trailer Finder“, buyers can locate a trailer near their zip code through an expansive boutique dealer network, the Pod Guide program, and the event tour. The “Trailer Builder” tool lets prospects personalize their dream trailer, providing instant updates on pricing and options. To ease the purchasing process further, Escapod now offers seamless financing with $0 down and instant pre-approval options.

For more details on the TOPO2 Nomad, the Voyager, and the broader range of Escapod Trailers, visit their website here.