Enhance Your Waterfowl Hunting with Kryptek's Flyway Series

Enhance Your Waterfowl Hunting with Kryptek’s Flyway Series

From the people that brought you the revolutionary Altitude series that changed the way that dedicated hunters and outdoorsmen view apparel and gear, Kryptek is proud to announce another industry changing camo pattern technology in their new Flyway waterfowl line. The Kryptek Flyway hunting series is the result of a collaboration between Kryptek and waterfowl experts from across North America, combining proven camouflage design processes with in-the-field research and testing.

The designs of the Kryptek Flyway series have been meticulously crafted to enhance concealment at varying ranges in diverse waterfowl habitats and seasons, spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific. By leveraging technology and incorporating the invaluable experience of waterfowl hunting experts, Kryptek Flyway caters to the unique needs and demands of waterfowlers.

Butch Whiting, the CEO of Kryptek, expressed his excitement about this new line, “Waterfowl hunting is done under some of the most grueling and strenuous conditions. For far too long, hunters have endured it without the proven comfort and reliability that Kryptek provides. That wait is finally over. With the Flyway series, waterfowl hunters can now enjoy the benefits of Kryptek’s cutting-edge technology and stay concealed like never before. Flyway is a gamechanger.”

The Kryptek Flyway hunting series is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence. With its proven track record in the hunting industry, Kryptek continues to push boundaries and deliver top-tier products that meet the needs of hunters across the country. Whether you’re a seasoned waterfowler or just starting out, the Flyway series offers unmatched performance and functionality, ensuring a better hunting experience and a more successful time in the field. To see the full current lineup and to see new products as they’re released, visit the Kryptek website here.