Electric Hydrofoil with Safe Enclosed Impeller

Electric Hydrofoil with Safe Enclosed Impeller

Isabela, Puerto Rico – Lift Foils, the original creator of electric hydrofoil technology and the far and away leader in the eFoiling space, has introduced the innovative Lift Jet, featuring for the first time, a fully enclosed impeller. The Lift Jet has been designed with three essential ingredients for any adrenaline-fueled, high-performance water-based experience in mind: safety, performance and efficiency.

From novice to expert, the Lift Jet allows riders to confidently power across the water with the knowledge that the brand puts safety first, without sacrifice to the brand hallmarks that customers have come to expect from Lift Foils. The fully enclosed impeller is gated on the front and the back, isolating the impeller from the user for maximum safety while riding. The design offers a steady, less punchy acceleration, making it both easier and safer while teaching and learning to eFoil – an ideal platform to benefit rider experience for both newcomers to the sport and seasoned eFoilers.

Said Lift Foils Founder and CEO Nick Leason, “We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the eFoiling world; to invent new equipment that blends ocean sports and reaches new frontiers in the outdoors. We’re really venturing into new terrain for water sports by making it more accessible and safer for riders of all abilities. We want our customers to feel protected, comfortable and have fun from the very first session.”

Riding a Lift eFoil is a highly customizable experience, and the Lift Jet is just one of the many propulsion options available to riders. Constructed out of premium FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), which has been proven to be an exceptionally durable material. Its increased rigidity leads to unrivaled performance while also damping vibrations, leading to a powerful, yet quiet ride that allows the user to be one with nature.

The Lift Jet also offers reduced drag and smoother acceleration when compared to the brand’s original Fixed Aluminum Propeller and Shroud. The Lift Foils team leverages Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize performance and repeatedly puts their prototypes to the test in real world environments. Capitalizing on the brand’s unparalleled knowledge of the eFoil market, engineering expertise and passion for the sport, the Lift Jet serves as a testament to the brand’s constant progress and craftmanship, making it not only a high-performing product, but one that provides riders with spectacular experiences on the water.

The Lift Jet is compatible with all Lift eFoil models. Installation is intuitive, with all the required hardware included. The Lift Jet can be added as an accessory for $399.00.

About Lift Foils
Lift Foils is the creator of the original electric hydrofoil, or eFoil, and the preeminent leader in the eFoiling space. Founded in 2010 in Puerto Rico by engineer and avid surfer Nick Leason, the Lift e-foil allows riders of all levels to experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 30mph with no waves or towing required. Its proprietary battery-powered carbon fiber and fiberglass boards and specially designed hydrofoil delivered unmatched performance with the smoothest riding experience possible. Today, Lift Foils’ eFoils and classic foils can be found at more than 400 affiliates and retail partners in 80 countries across the globe. For more information or to find a retailer near you, go to