EAA Shipping Girsan MC1911 Influencer and Liberador Series in .38 Super

EAA Shipping Girsan MC1911 Influencer and Liberador Series in .38 Super

EAACorp Announces Shipping of the Girsan MC1911 Influencer™ & Liberador Series in .38 Super they import. The .38 Super caliber offers enhanced impact velocity compared to the standard 9mm while maintaining reduced recoil next to the 45ACP, an ideal caliber choice for both competition enthusiasts and discerning shooters seeking an edge in performance.

The Influencer™ models are offered in three striking Cerakote® finishes—Black, Tungsten, and Black Camo—across the 5” Government barrel size platform. The full-featured MC1911 Influencer™ excels in recoil management. With a 9+1 round capacity, it comes standard with an optic-ready slide compatible with RMS/RMSc footprints, a flared magazine well, accessory rail, and an enhanced trigger system, ensuring both versatility and precision.

The Liberador model elevates the aesthetic appeal of the MC1911 series with its chrome-polished slide and gold small parts. This is further complemented by custom-engraved grips designs, all while delivering the performance benefits of the .38 Super Caliber.

Chase Duffey, National Sales Manager, said, “The selection of a caliber made specifically for the 1911 platform, offering significant penetrating power, was crucial as we expanded our MC1911 Series range. While .38 Super may be a niche market, the combination of this caliber with the 5” barrel ensures a smooth shooting experience that we believe will resonate with many.”

EAACorp will be unveiling a few new firearms at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, scheduled from May 16-19. Visitors are invited to explore the offerings at Booth #8205, where exciting surprises await.

Product SKU:

391049 – MC1911 Influencer S Black .38 Super

391149 – MC1911 Influencer S Black Camo .38 Super

391159 – MC1911 Influencer S Tungsten .38 Super

391055 – MC1911 Liberador S .38 Super

Starting at $669 MSRP with the Influencer™ Black model

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