Drop the Hammer with the New Taurus TH45

Drop the Hammer with the New Taurus TH45

Bainbridge GA – What’s the only way to improve on the best selling TH-series of Taurus pistols? Clearly, make it in a bigger caliber: announcing the Taurus TH45. This polymer framed, double-action/single-action semi-auto packs 13 rounds of 45 ACP into an easily controllable package for shooters who want a little more “oomph” in their defensive pistol.

The TH45 didn’t just take the existing TH-series and “make it bigger” though. Each action component was carefully thought out to take the increased punishment that a big bore cartridge like 45 ACP will deliver. This was done while preserving the smooth double action pull on the TH45, and still delivering a crisp, duty-ready single-action trigger. Plus, like all other TH-series pistols, the TH45 can be carried “cocked-and-locked” thanks to Taurus’ innovative thumb safety/decocker.

“I can’t think of anything better than launching a 45 ACP the same week as Independence Day,” said Caleb Giddings, Brand Marketing Manager at Taurus. “The 45 ACP is a quintessential American cartridge, and the TH45 is the perfect platform from Taurus to expand into this particular caliber.”

The Taurus TH45 is a semi-automatic, polymer framed handgun chambered in 45 ACP. It features a traditional double action trigger, meaning the first shot has a long, smooth trigger pull like a revolver. But all subsequent shots are in single action mode for fast, precise shooting. Its 13 round capacity makes it an excellent choice for personal protection, home defense, and competition shooting. Lastly, the new TH45 use industry standard sight dovetails so the sights can be easily swapped for different models.

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