DroneShield to Host Inaugural Counterdrone Event at Indo Pacific

• DroneShield to host its Inaugural Counterdrone Event at Indo Pacific Exhibition held in Sydney on 8 November 2023

• Speakers include leading minds across military, industry and policy sectors

• Registrations available for Military, Industry and Media

DroneShield (“DroneShield” or the “Company”) is pleased to host its inaugural event counterdrone event at Indo Pacific Exhibition, held 7-9 November at the Sydney Convention Centre.

The event will be held on 8 November, with further details available here.

The event is free to attend at no cost, for all Indo Pacific 2023 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates. Registration can be done here.

Angus Bean, DroneShield’s CTO, commented “Unmanned Systems have been extensively involved in warfare and terrorism across virtually all conflicts globally over last several years, and continuing to rise.”

“We are pleased to host the very first dedicated Australian event in this area in conjunction with AMDA, where the audience can hear from thought leaders across military, industry and policy areas. The backdrop of Indo Pacific, the largest military exhibition in Australia in 2023, provides attendees with a complete experience.”

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