Dockmate Announces Dynamic Positioning System Now Shipping

Dockmate Announces Dynamic Positioning System Now Shipping

Boortmeerbeek, Belgium – Dockmate, the leading manufacturer of advanced wireless remote controls for yachts, announced that its revolutionary new feature for their wireless remote control systems, Dockmate’s Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), is now shipping to distributors and there have already been several successful installations.

“For our customers who have been wanting a remote Dynamic Positioning System for some time, the wait is over,” said Doriane Franckx, CEO of Dockmate. “This is the culmination of many years of work and research to ensure that our remote control system provides boaters with the best possible control of their vessels in stressful situations like docking and close quarters maneuvering. We couldn’t be happier to be putting our DPS in our customers’ hands.”

Dockmate’s DPS solution has two operating modes: one mode for use on the open water and another mode to use in close quarters. In the open water operating mode, DPS will use only the engines to keep the boat in its target position. It is ideal for short-handed crews, allowing the captain to step away from the helm to tend to mooring lines and fenders before entering a marina. In the close quarters operating mode, DPS uses both the engines and bow and stern thrusters in concert to keep the vessel in its target position.

The Dockmate Positioning System is driven by an IMU unit (which includes a compass, accelerometer and gyroscope) and a DPS Receiver installed within the vessel, and connects to Dockmate GNSS antennas installed on the hardtop. It is designed for installation on any vessel with at least two engines and Dockmate compatible engine and thruster controls. DPS is easy to install and requires only a short calibration sea trial.

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Dockmate® manufactures the latest in advanced, yet very affordable wireless remote-control technology. Highly reliable and intuitive, the Dockmate SINGLE, TWIN, TWIST and VECTOR allow every skipper to dock a boat singlehanded, offering the ability to leave the helm and get a closer look at the surroundings in marinas and other tight quarters, while still in complete control of the boat’s movement.