Defiance Machine Releases New Titanium Ti X Rifle Action

Defiance Machine Releases New Titanium Ti X Rifle Action

Defiance Machine is thrilled to announce it has done what some people said would never happen. Defiance is introducing its New Ti X action built on aircraft grade titanium. The Short Action length comes in at a mind blowing 16.8 ounces. The Long Action length weighs only 18.1 ounces.

Based on listed published weights, these are the lightest actions with an integral lug and scope rail made today. Those who live by the motto “ounces equal pounds” you will not find a lighter action on the market. If that is not impressive enough, The Defiance Ti X is made with the same premium process that has produced the highest quality actions in the world.

Every Defiance action is built with the precision processes that include such steps as using wire EDM machines to guarantee the action operates as smoothly as possible. Defiance CNC machines are among the most precise in the world rendering consistency that allows guarantee headspace on all models made on those machines.

The entire action is coated in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) to further enhance the smoothness of our titanium actions. Ultimately, you have the lightest action on the market built by the most precise CNC machines in the world and coated with the slickest lubricant coating available.

Defiance Machine has been making actions since 2010. Their reputation for premium quality and customer service is undisputed. Contact the sales team at to experience this for yourself.