Deckers X Lab Makes a Splash with New X-SCAPE BAJA

Deckers X Lab Makes a Splash with New X-SCAPE BAJA

Deckers X Lab, the visionary minds behind revolutionary footwear, proudly introduces their latest creation, the X-SCAPE BAJA. Pushing the boundaries of versatility, the BAJA is purpose-built for rivers, roads, and recovery.

Blending functionality with uncompromising comfort, the X-SCAPE BAJA is the perfect shoe for unwinding after a rigorous workout or strolling through the city streets. Its plush sugarcane midsole and anatomically molded footbed alleviate muscle pressure and promote swift recovery. Engineered with drainage holes and a breathable sugarcane IM-EVA upper frame, the BAJA ensures rapid water expulsion and accelerates the drying process. Non-wicking laces add to its water-friendly design, making the BAJA the ultimate choice for aquatic adventures. Enhancing comfort further, the soft foam collar embraces the foot, while the Sorona bio-based knit tongue facilitates effortless slipping in and out of the BAJA.

The BAJA boasts a sleek and modern design that seamlessly transitions from outdoor excursions to casual settings. Whether kayaking along scenic rivers or enjoying a serene day at the beach, the BAJA offers unparalleled protection, functionality, and style.

The X-SCAPE BAJA is now available for purchase through the Deckers X Lab website. For more information about the BAJA and its features, please visit

X-SCAPE BAJA Features for Men’s and Women’s:

  • Sugarcane IM-EVA midsole outsole comb
  • Sorona bio-based Knit Tongue
  • Soft molded EVA collar foam
  • Anatomical molded footbed
  • Non-wicking laces & tongue for quick drying and water sports use
  • MSRP: $69
  • Product Page | LINK

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