Dark Systems Launches the DarkFighter K9 Helmet GEN4

Dark Systems Launches the DarkFighter K9 Helmet GEN4

Dark Systems is proud to present the GEN4, a state-of-the-art helmet system that defines a new paradigm for equipment modularity and electronics integration without the extra weight and bulk of legacy systems.

Improved capabilities for mission optimization and situational awareness.

The product, although containing many innovations, remains compatible with accessories from previous generations: muzzles, hearing protections, optronics, strobe, etc.

“Our focus at Dark Systems has always been on the end-user – the dogs who require the best protection available. With the DarkFighter K9 Helmet GEN4 we have taken a significant leap forward in delivering helmets that not only protect our end-users but also enhance their operational capabilities. Every gram count when it comes to the gear our K9s carry. Each feature is a demonstration to our commitment to innovation and excellence in providing the best protective equipment to those who serve ».

Dark Systems is the world leader in K9 helmets. Worldwide, over 3,000 of the company’s products have been deployed to the military and law enforcement agencies, SAR and K9 handlers. Each day, they use the DarkFighter K9 Helmet to protect their personnel. Dark Systems is a company of high-level engineers and professionals committed to listening, understanding and responding to our customers’ mission-critical needs.