CTOMS Knowledge Bomb – Adapt Metered Dose Inhaler to BVM Port


A improvised technique to adapt a Metered Dose Inhaler to a BVM port. Excellent for asthmatic emergencies and allergic reactions. Useful for an unconscious hyperkalemic patient when treating H’s & T’s*. Some benefit in known asthmatics, blue bloaters and pink puffers in trauma or respiratory distress.

Required: Ventolin MDI, 60ml Syringe. Remove the rubber of the syringe plunger and insert the metered dose capsule. Reinsert the syringe plunger. The syringe tip will fit BVM medication apertures.

Technique via a CTOMS instructor.

*The H’s and T’s are 12 reversible conditions, 7 that start with H and 5 that start with T.

• Hypovolemia

• Hypoxia

• Hydrogen ion excess (acidosis)

• Hypoglycemia

• Hypokalemia

• Hyperkalemia

• Hypothermia

• Tension pneumothorax

• Tamponade – Cardiac

• Toxins

• Thrombosis (pulmonary embolus)

• Thrombosis (myocardial infarction)

Techniques are for use by qualified persons.