ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Model Modular Holster

CrossBreed® Holsters Announces the ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Model Modular Holster

SPRINGFIELD, MO – CrossBreed® Holsters, a leading manufacturer in the  category of concealed carry, has teamed up with Lena Miculek to develop an exciting new holster series for the SIG SAUER™ P365-380 ROSE™ and P365-XL Comp ROSE™ personal defense handguns, which will also be available for sale directly on

The ROSE by SIG SAUER™ model Modular Holster merges CrossBreed Holsters‘ legendary design and manufacturing quality with world champion shooter Lena Miculek’s eye for detail and practical function. The ROSE by SIG SAUER ™ series handguns represent a complete personal defense system by SIG SAUER® in conjunction with competitor and trainer Lena Miculek. They were developed to guide women in their journey from the point of purchase to their first time at the range.

Featuring high-grade Kydex that is hand-molded to fit the P365® and P365-XL platforms, a multi-application hook-and-loop backing, and a one-of-a-kind design, the ROSE by SIG SAUER™ model Modular Holster delivers it all: durability, versatility, and style. Lena’s choice to use the Modular Holster is a testament to its utility and performance for the everyday carry practitioner.

One of the most unique features of the Modular Holster is its multi-use capability. It can easily be attached, positioned, and re-positioned to any platform equipped with hook-and-loop, such as fanny packs, backpacks, sling bags, or the wide variety of other off-body carry solutions like CrossBreed’s Belly Band 2.0, Bedside Backup, Pac Mat, and Purse Defender.

Overall, the ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Modular Holster is ideal for those who value a more customized approach to their EDC setup that offers the ultimate in adaptability, durability, and beauty.

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