CCRKBA Rips Raskin for Calling Hunter Biden a ‘2A Rich Guy’

CCRKBA Rips Raskin for Calling Hunter Biden a ‘2A Rich Guy’

BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is calling out anti-gun Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland for portraying Hunter Biden as a “rich guy exercising his Second Amendment rights” as an explanation for Biden’s purchase of a handgun while allegedly failing to admit his drug use on the federal Form 4473 he filled out.

“I’m not sure whether to shake my head in disgust or just laugh out loud,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Raskin’s flippant dismissal of what would otherwise be a serious criminal act if anybody other than Hunter Biden were involved is either a new low in attempted sarcasm, or an exhibition of monumental stupidity.”

The president’s son last month agreed to enter a plea on reduced drug charges and cut a deal regarding the admitted firearms violation requiring him to stay out of trouble for at least two years. He will thereby retain his Second Amendment rights where other citizens who enter false information on a Form 4473 would face felony charges, prison and lose their gun rights.

“Jamie Raskin needs to understand something about federal gun laws,” Gottlieb observed. “Typical rich guys exercising their Second Amendment rights don’t get stoned on drugs before they go gun shopping. Rich guys buying guns don’t lie on a Form 4473 and expect to get away with it. Rich guys don’t allow their girlfriends to toss handguns into dumpsters located near public schools. Rich guys, and even poor guys, don’t get special treatment from federal prosecutors regarding gun-related crimes unless their last name is Biden and their dad is president.”

The Hunter Biden case is a deplorable example of dual standard justice, Gottlieb said.

‘If someone else got this level of preferential treatment on a gun law violation,” he stated, “Raskin and his fellow Democrats would be howling about it, and they know it.

“Raskin never met a restrictive gun control law he didn’t immediately love,” Gottlieb continued, “until the law could be used to put a Biden behind bars. Then, all of a sudden, the Maryland congressman tries to portray the allegations against Hunter Biden to be an attack on the Second Amendment. The hypocrisy is staggering.”

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