CBC Global Ammunition Acquires SinterFire

CBC Global Ammunition, a world-leading ammunition manufacturer, is pleased to announce the acquisition of SinterFire, a pioneering name in Lead Free bullet technology. This strategic alliance solidifies CBC Brazil’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the ammunition industry, enhancing their position as a premier global provider of high-quality ammunition solutions.

SinterFire, the world’s leader in frangible and lead-free bullet designs, aligns seamlessly with CBC’s values of precision, sustainability, and performance. This acquisition reflects CBC’s strategic vision to consistently deliver safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible ammunition solutions to clients around the world.

Commenting on the acquisition, Fabio Mazzaro, CEO of CBC Brazil, remarked, “We are thrilled to welcome SinterFire into the CBC family. This acquisition not only strengthens our product portfolio but also allows us to accelerate the development of innovative, eco-friendly ammunition solutions. By combining our resources and expertise, we are poised to make significant strides in shaping the future of ammunition technology.”

SinterFire’s remarkable track record of engineering lead-free projectiles that enhance shooting experiences while prioritizing safety has been widely acknowledged by industry experts. This partnership with CBC Global Ammunition will provide a platform to amplify SinterFire’s innovations on a global scale.

Brandon Graves, CEO of SinterFire stated, “We are excited about this new chapter with CBC. Our shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of ammunition technology will undoubtedly lead to remarkable advancements. Together, we will drive the industry forward while ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability.” Headquartered in Kersey, PA, SinterFire will continue to be run independently, with focus delivering world class products to our domestic OEM partners and servicing the Government and Law Enforcement Agencies that have come to demand SinterFire for all their frangible and leadfree training needs.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the ammunition industry, creating a powerful force for innovation, research, and development. CBC and SinterFire are set to leverage their combined expertise to forge new frontiers and shape the future of ammunition solutions, setting the stage for enhanced performance, safety, and environmental responsibility.

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