Catchable Size Redfish Release on Tampa Bay

Catchable Size Redfish Release on Tampa Bay

Redfish have been one of the most targeted species in many portions of Florida, and researchers say fish populations are down in some areas.

CCA Florida has been assisting with stocking efforts along with the help of Duke Energy’s Crystal River Mariculture Center.

The center has been raising redfish and trout in their hatchery which are then released by CCA and their volunteers around the state.

Florida State Representatives Linda Chaney and Berny Jacques attended a recent release on Tampa Bay, along with dozens of CCA volunteers, Executive Director of CCA Florida, Brian Gorski, CCA Florida STAR Tournament director, Leiza Fitzgerald, and Duke Energy Citrus County Mariculture employees.

The program releases fish in the 15-22″ range rather than smaller fry because survival of the larger fish is much better, according to state biologists.

Each of these fish has been tagged with a special tag Anglers who catch one of them are requested to take the phone number off the tag and call the number, then release the fish so that further data can be collected–and hopefully so the fish will eventually spawn.

CCA is requesting information as to where and when the fish were caught, and hopefully released to spawn.

The tags on these fish are NOT fish that are in the CCA Florida STAR tournament currently underway. The 2023 CCA Florida STAR tags are fluorescent yellow in color.