Carbon Express Maxima RED and Maxima RED SD Tri-Spine Arrows Now Available in Earth Town Colors

Carbon Express Maxima RED and Maxima RED SD Tri-Spine Arrows Now Available in Earth Tone Colors

Carbon Express®, the industry leader in carbon arrow technology, is proud to announce that their premium Maxima RED® and Maxima RED® SD Series arrows are now available in Stone, and Drab color options — designed specifically to match the earth-tone palette of today’s camouflage and solid bow color configurations. These new color offerings create concealment and color-coordination, while still maintaining the top-end hunting performance expected from Carbon Express Maxima RED Series arrows.

Managing how an arrow flexes in flight (Dynamic Spine) is the key to accuracy, and no one has mastered this technology better than Carbon Express. Exclusive Tri-Spine Technology weaves three sections of carbon together with stiffer sections on each distal end to produce a more forgiving center section that allows for increased parabolic correction and faster arrow recovery. The stiffer ends contain the increased amount of flex to the arrow’s RED ZONE® (center) where the flex is quickly dissipated in flight, making for easier tuning from a wider range of draw weights. By reducing the exaggerated effect of broadhead-tipped arrows, Carbon Express Maxima RED earth tone arrows produce up to 4X the accuracy of traditional single-spine shafts, thus translating to improved performance at the range and in the field.

Precision sorting and matching by weight and spine increases the arrow-to-arrow consistency delivered by each pack of Maxima RED arrows. Spine-selection sorting tolerances are to +/- 0.0025”, and weight-sorting tolerances to +/- 1.0 grains per pack. At +/- .002” Real Straightness, each arrow is laser-checked for straightness to .0001” to deliver extreme accuracy and consistency. From insert to nock, Maxima RED Series arrows deliver an adaptable hunting arrow package that’s easy to tune and covert in appearance.

Coupled with premium components like the legendary BullDog® nock collar system, reliable and accurate Launchpad® nocks and precision inserts, Carbon Express Maxima RED earth tone arrows will increase a hunter’s ability to find their mark while staying visually concealed in the field and coordinated with today’s top camouflages and solid color schemes.

Highlighted Features and Specifications:

• Maxima RED shafts feature a standard .244” inside diameter

• Maxima RED SD shafts feature a .203” inside diameter for less wind drift and greater penetration

• Tri-Spine Red Zone – Patented 3 Spine arrow shaft with 1/3 the oscillation of single-spine shafts and 4X the accuracy

• BullDog Nock Collar – Made of aircraft-grade aluminum to prevent impact damage

• BuffTuff Plus® – Patented outer front layer construction of 100% high-modulus carbon weave for excellent strength and spine consistency

• BuffTuff – Patented outer center layer construction that provides the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish that makes it easier to remove from targets

• Diamond Weave® – Patented outer back layer construction for ultimate stiffness and unparalleled spine technology

• LaunchPad Precision Nocks – Controlled arrow release and integrated shaft alignment for more consistent accuracy

• Available in 12-pack shafts or 6-pack fletched

• Premium 2.5” Quadel Fusion X-II Vanes

MSRP: $109.99/ 6-pack fletched

$17.99/ arrow fletched in bulk

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