Camo Line Storage Bag from Sunline

Camo Line Storage Bag from Sunline

The Sunline Camo Line Storage bag is a great choice to store and protect all of your Sunline. The bag is padded on all sides to prevent spools from being broken if the bag is dropped or smashed. The bag opens on the top with a large, high-quality zipper. The interior features an adjustable divider that can make up to six internal compartments to separate your line types or sizes. It also features six elastic bands that can securely store bulk spools. Use of a bag like this also protects line from harmful UV rays.

  • Padded bag to protect line
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Elastic bands to secure bulk spools
  • Camo color
  • MSRP $29.00

Retailers, this is an accessory that should be stocked in your line section. Anglers are looking for line storage options as many of them carry spools of line in their boats to use as leader material when fishing braided line, or to re-spool during the day. This bag will keep their spools secure and protect the line from heat that can build up in boat storage compartments, and is also a great option for use as a reel case as well.

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