Camfour is Now Carrying Seecamp Firearms

Camfour is Now Carrying Seecamp Firearms

L.W. Seecamp Co. was founded in 1973 as a family business specializing in Ludwig’s patented (#3722358) double action conversion of the venerable 1911 semi-auto pistol (Colt .45). This conversion, done during a period when the single-action versus double-action controversy was at its peak, resulted in the first commercially available DA .45 autoloaders anywhere in the world. Nearly 2000 such DA conversions were done from the early 70s to the early 80s. This lead Ludwig and his son Larry to design and introduce their LWS 25 to the market.

Brandon Roper, President of Camfour said – “By adding Seecamp to our lineup of products, we hope to give dealers a broader variety to choose from. We are always looking for ways to improve our customers shopping experience – Seecamp is a perfect example of that. They are a manufacturer of compact, high qualify handguns. They are known for their reliability and accuracy making them a popular choice for self-defense and recreational shooting.”

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