California Compliant Ruger SR22 Now Available Through Sports South

California Compliant Ruger SR22 Now Available Through Sports South

For over 180 years, Sports South has been the country’s leading family-owned distributor of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. Sports South is pleased to now offer the new¬†Ruger SR22 California Compliant.

Attention, California shooting enthusiasts! The Ruger SR22 is the high-performance semi-automatic pistol that has earned coveted California approval. This firearm is a top choice for responsible gun owners in the Golden State.

Securing California approval is no easy feat, but the Ruger SR22 has passed the test with flying colors. Its outstanding quality and design make it a reliable and legal option for firearm enthusiasts in the state.

With a sleek and ergonomic design, the Ruger SR22 ensures a comfortable and controlled shooting experience. Its lightweight polymer frame offers durability without causing fatigue. The slim profile and textured grip provide a secure hold, enhancing accuracy and precision. Whether you’re a novice or an expert shooter, the SR22’s user-friendly design makes it easy to handle and operate.

Chambered in .22 LR, the Ruger SR22 delivers power and affordability. This popular caliber boasts low recoil and wide availability, ideal for training and recreational shooting. With a crisp trigger and smooth operation, the SR22 offers exceptional accuracy and reliability for target shooting or small-game hunting.

The Ruger SR22 embraces customization options to suit your preferences. Its integrated Picatinny rail allows attaching accessories like lights, lasers, or red dot sights. You can personalize your SR22 to fit your shooting style perfectly. Ruger offers interchangeable grip modules, enabling a customized fit for maximum comfort and control.

Remember to handle firearms responsibly, follow local regulations, and prioritize safety. The Ruger SR22 is the ultimate choice for California gun owners looking for a top-tier firearm that meets legal requirements without compromising quality.