Burris Optics the Official Bow Sight Partner of Major League Bowhunter

Burris Optics announces its participation as the Official Bow Sight Partner of Major League Bowhunter, a premier viewing destination for bowhunting enthusiasts. This collaboration marks Burris Optics’ commitment to providing top-tier optics for bowhunters, with the spotlight on the innovative Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight.

Major League Bowhunter, known for its unique hunting content with famous athletes and special guests, selected Burris Optics as the trusted bow optic provider for their show. The collaboration underscores Burris Optics’ dedication to enhancing the bowhunting experience through cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance.

“Major League Bowhunter is extremely excited to partner with the team at Burris Optics.” Said Major League Bowhunter’s owner, Matt Duff. “Through field testing and putting the full line-up of Burris products through the ringer in 2023, we have found Burris’s technology advancements, product quality, and their competitive price point to be second to none. Their products have proven to make us more successful in the field and it’s because of that, we are honored to represent the Burris brand to our viewers and look forward to partnering with Burris for many more years to come.”

The Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight is a revolutionary product designed for bowhunters that takes center stage as the featured optic for Major League Bowhunter. This bow sight combines rangefinding technology with a customizable bow sight, offering bowhunters a comprehensive solution for accurate and ethical shots.

Key features of the Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight include instantaneous distance readings, allowing bowhunters to make shoot/don’t shoot decisions when it matters most, and automatically calculating sight adjustment for steep angles, ensuring accurate readings for elevated or downhill shots. The Oracle’s customizable pins that can be set for specific distances, providing versatility for different hunting scenarios and terrain. The sight is built to withstand the rigors of bowhunting with a robust construction that remains lightweight and easy to handle.

“We are thrilled to be named the Official Bow Sight Partner of Major League Bowhunter,” said Jordan Egli, Director of Marketing at Burris Optics. “Matt Duff and Chipper Jones share our passion for innovation and excellence in bowhunting, making this partnership a perfect match. The Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight is a game-changer for bowhunters seeking unparalleled accuracy and performance in the field.”

Major League Bowhunter will feature the Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight in its upcoming episodes, showcasing the product’s capabilities in real-world bowhunting scenarios. To follow the bowhunting adventures and experience the Burris Oracle in action, watch Major League Bowhunter on the Sportsman Channel Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. ET.

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