Buckeye, Swindle Debut G-Buzz

Buckeye, Swindle Debut G-Buzz

There is simply no denying the success that Gerald Swindle has had throughout his career using a buzzbait. Up until now, that was on a buzzbait he had built strictly for himself. Thanks to his mutual investment with Buckeye Lures to give anglers the best tools on earth, the infamous G-Buzz is now available to the world.

“My first conversation with GSM VP of Fishing Crispin Powley was about making a buzzbait for the serious angler,” says Swindle. “Every little thing matters when it comes to a buzzbait. The G-Buzz is something that I’ve patched together over the years through a bunch of trial and error.”

Featuring a unique bend to the wire frame that Swindle has dialed in over the years to maximize hookups, the G-Buzz is truly a one-of-a-kind lure. “Many buzzbaits have too limber of a wire, so finding the right wire size was my first goal,” explains the Buckeye pro. “The finest details of this thing, down to the blade and rivet, are tuned to my specifications. It’s proven.”

The G-Buzz is available in 3 sizes as well as 5 colors that Swindle has relied on himself. Ultimately, the G-Buzz is a fish-catching tool that, much like its designer, has the results to back up the talk.

Originally founded in 2000, Buckeye Lures has carved out a reputation for quality over the years with a continuing eye to the future. For more information on Buckeye, please visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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