Buck Knives: Sharpness Equals Cutlery Success

Buck Knives: Sharpness Equals Cutlery Success

POST FALLS, ID— Buck Knives, Inc., a global leader in the outdoor, sporting, and everyday carry (EDC) knife markets, checks each knife it manufactures for a sharp blade edge before it leaves the factory. The company wants knife owners to be safe—and successful—when using a knife and offers a wide range of tips, products and services to assist with keeping a knife’s blade sharp.

The first resource for sharpening a knife is the Buck Knives website and detailed information on how to sharpen a knife: How to Sharpen Your Knife – Buck® Knives OFFICIAL SITE ( The website offers guidelines for selecting and using the right sharpener—and hint: not a power grinder that will invalidate the company’s Forever Warranty—is the first important step. Sharpening is a two-step process: grinding and honing.

Next, Buck Knives suggests using a coarse grit sharpener if the knife’s blade is nicked or very dull. This process returns the blade’s edge from a dull U- to sharper V-shape. Angle of the blade to the sharpening stone’s surface is also important with 13- to 16-degrees being the best. Additional steps in the sharpening process include using a medium to fine grit sharpening surface and inspecting the blade’s edge honing results as you progress. As a rule, the number of sharpening strokes applied to one side of the blade should also be applied to the opposite side of the blade to stay consistent.

To further aid with knife sharpening, Buck Knives offers nearly a dozen sharpeners including the EdgeTek Dual Flat Pocket Stone Knife Sharpener with coarse and medium grit surfaces along with several FlipStik and Steel knife sharpeners. For knife owners on-the-go, there is a Diamond Pocket Knife Sharpener available. For those knife users who are very serious about sharp blades, there are two Bench Stone Knife Sharpeners offered and each comes with a lid for safe transportation and storage.

If you want the ultimate sharp knife blade, you can also send your knife to the factory and have a professional sharpen the blade. Full details on the cost and how to ship the knife can be discovered at The nearly 200 models of Buck Knives’ can be purchased via the company’s online store on the website and are also widely available in retail outlets from coast to coast.

ABOUT BUCK KNIVES: For nearly 125 years, Buck Knives has been handcrafting the finest quality knives and tools using the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art processes, like the exclusive Bos heat treatment for blades. With approximately 200 knife models available, Buck Knives are built to perform at the highest level and last for generations. Located in Post Falls, Idaho, and employing more than 320 people, Buck Knives is proud to make knives in America and stand behind those products with their Forever Warranty. Visit or call 800-735-2825 for additional details.