Browning X-Bolt Speed LR

Browning X-Bolt Speed LR

If you’re the type of hunter who hones your skills by shooting at varying distances throughout the year, the X-Bolt Speed LR from Browning is ready to impress. From the pop of lead hitting steel at over a thousand yards away to setting your crosshairs on a trophy buck, the Speed LR has the features and out-of-the-box accuracy to give you confidence in your shot.

Built on the most popular X-Bolt rifle ever, the Speed LR rifle takes the same winning features and adds a sporter contour barrel for increased long-range accuracy. Barrel fluting reduces the weight of the barrel, increases the exposed surface area of the barrel (reducing barrel heating), and offers a more rigid barrel with less weight. The barrel is also belled at the muzzle and features 5/8″-24 TPI suppressor-ready threads. This threading also accepts the Browning Recoil Hawg muzzle brake. The action is bedded in the stock to free-float the barrel and ensure consistent accuracy. The barreled action is protected by a Smoked Bronze Cerakote finish. Cerakote is a superior, non-reflective, and corrosion-resistant coating that is more durable than traditional bluing or bare stainless steel.

A lightweight, sporter-style stock keeps weight low and durability high. The included adjustable comb system offers up to 1″ of height adjustment to ensure that your eye is placed in perfect alignment with your scope – a vital feature considering today’s large diameter, higher-powered optics that are common on long-range rifles.

X-Bolt Speed LR Features

  • Smoked Bronze Cerakote finish protects better than traditional bluing or bare stainless steel.
  • Fluted, sporter contour barrel for the ideal blend of accuracy and weight savings.
  • The belled muzzle allows for common, suppressor-ready threads to be added to the lighter contour barrel.
  • Extended bolt handle
  • Sporter-style composite stock with an adjustable comb system offers up to 1″ of height adjustment.
  • The threaded muzzle brake reduces recoil (thread protector included)
  • Versatile Browning OVIX camouflage

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