Brinyte – Finding a Groundbreaking Hunting Light for Your Shotgun

Introducing the Brinyte T28 Hunting Light ,3-in-1 Center Axis Rotational Color LED module with LED Position Detent Lock. To put it simply, you can effortlessly choose any of the 3 colors (such as Red, Green, or White) by gently turning a knob. Your selected LED color will then securely stay aligned along the central axis of the light body and the spherical lens.

Why is the ‘center axis’ such a crucial factor, you might ponder? Well, firstly, if the LED isn’t precisely aligned along the central axis of the spherical lens, it won’t achieve its utmost potential in terms of light output (measured in LUX). Depending on how far off-center the LED is, it could also create anomalies or distortions in the light beam, which might impact your field of view when peering through a scope. Nevertheless, the primary rationale for having selectable and repeatable center axis alignment comes into play when you mount your light onto your scope. When dealing with a conventional, single-colored LED that’s centered within the light, you’d adjust the windage and elevation so that the light sits at the center of the scope’s field of view (and consequently aligns with your crosshair).

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