Bowtech Pro Gillingham Wins 2023 IBO World Championship

West Virginia — Bowtech Archery is thrilled to announce that its Bowtech pro, Tim Gillingham, emerged triumphant at the 2023 International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) World Championships held last weekend in the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia. Gillingham’s exceptional skill, dedication, and precision culminated in a remarkable victory reaffirming Bowtech’s commitment to excellence in archery.

Gillingham’s win at the IBO World Championships underlines his exceptional skills. It reflects Bowtech’s commitment to providing the archery community with cutting-edge equipment that empowers athletes to achieve their best. Bowtech Archery takes immense pride in its partnership with Tim Gillingham, who consistently embodies the brand’s core values: innovation, precision, and dedication.

“We are thrilled to congratulate Tim Gillingham on his outstanding victory at the 2023 IBO World Championships,” said Todd Snader, Bowtech Shooting Staff Manager. “His accomplishment is a testament to his remarkable talent and the unmatched performance of Bowtech’s archery products. We are proud to be a part of Tim’s journey and to provide him with the tools he needs to excel at the highest level of competition.”

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