Bowtech Archery Secures Multiple Podium Finishes

Bowtech Archery Secures Multiple Podium Finishes

Team Bowtech Pros showcased their unwavering skill and determination, securing 3 podium finishes in their respective categories:

  • Paige Pearce – 1st Place Women’s Pro
  • Tim Gillingham – 1st Place Men’s Senior Pro
  • Kyle Douglas – 3rd Place Men’s Pro

The 2023 NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships presented an exhilarating challenge, testing archers’ abilities to adapt to diverse terrain, target placement, and shooting disciplines Team Bowtech Pros successfully navigated the dynamic course, conquering each target with remarkable accuracy.

“We congratulate Paige Pearce, Tim Gillingham, and Kyle Douglas on their outstanding performances at the 2023 NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships,” said Jeff Suiter, Director of Marketing at Bowtech Archery. “Their dedication to the sport and relentless pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to archers worldwide. At Bowtech, we are honored to provide these exceptional athletes with the tools they need to achieve greatness.”

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