Boreas Campers Introduces the EOS-12 Camper Trailer

Boreas Campers introduces the latest gem in their camper lineup, the EOS-12. Named after the Greek goddess of dawn and boasting a 12-foot cabin length, this four-season hybrid camper promises a truly unparalleled off-grid experience.

Crafted with a powder-coated steel chassis, all-terrain tires, and Cruisemaster’s 20-inch ground clearance independent suspension, the EOS-12 is a titan in durability and agility. Its zero-wood construction sets a new industry standard, completely sidestepping wood decay concerns. Designed to be the perfect base camp for couples or families, its interior is both cozy and functional with a 6-foot, 6-inch standing room, a queen bed, dinette seating, and a fold-down bunk option for a child.

A significant highlight is the integration of the advanced Garmin ONE (Operations, Navigation, and Entertainment) system. This innovative system, a first for off-road campers, centralizes control through a portable touchscreen tablet. From monitoring battery and tank levels, managing lighting, music, and climate, to assisting with navigation and rear trailer view, the EOS-12 promises an unprecedented control experience.

Matt Reichel, owner of Boreas Campers, remarked during a recent walkthrough video, “The EOS-12 is the goldilocks of the offroad, off-grid camper trailer world. Large enough to stand inside with a wet bath but compact enough for genuine backcountry exploration.”

Outside, the camper offers myriad features from a 23Zero 270-degree awning, LED lighting, exterior power sources, and even an outdoor shower option. Inside, luxury takes center stage with features such as a Truma Combi heater, a 3-burner cooktop, LED lighting, and a Maxxair overhead fan for ventilation. Energy needs are extensively covered with up to 500 watts of Zamp solar panels, 1,080aH of Battle Born batteries, and a Victron MPPT solar charge controller.

Weighing in at a dry weight of 3,750 lbs, and designed and built right here in Pueblo, Colorado, the EOS-12 is a testimony to Boreas Campers’ commitment to innovation and quality.

In a market brimming with options, the EOS-12’s price tag of $80,000 is reflective of its top-tier features, setting it apart from competitors. While the EOS-12 is a considerable investment, its unmatched combination of luxury, tech, and ruggedness makes it an enticing option for those prioritizing quality and versatility.

Discover the full potential of the EOS-12 and dive deeper into its state-of-the-art features by visiting the Boreas Campers website or viewing their comprehensive walkthrough video.

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