Blackstone to Release a New Pellet Grill and Air Fryer Combo

Blackstone to Release a New Pellet Grill and Air Fryer Combo

Blackstone burst into the pellet grill market last year with a pellet grill and grill combo that sells at Lowe’s. It was one of a number of different pellet grill combo designs that we’d been tracking.

It apparently was just the beginning because there will be new models coming. Not only is there a dedicated pellet grill on its way, but also a pellet grill and air fryer combo.

These grills have popped up at various retailers, but don’t appear to be available for purchase yet.

Blackstone 900 Pellet Grill

The Blackstone 900 pellet grill is good looking pellet grill with a traditional barrel style. The lid is a roll type, so it rolls back over the cook chamber, instead of lifting up. It’s not just a flat piece of metal though, it’s stylized to make for a unique looking grill.

Features and Specs (Unofficial)

  • Estimated retail price of $1,089.99
  • 884 square inches of cooking area – some places list 896 square inches, either way it’s near 900 like the model name
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to control your cook with your phone
  • Touchscreen LED controller on the grill
  • Temperature range of 180 degrees F through 500 degrees F for a variety of cooking styles
  • 20 lb pellet hopper for long cooks
  • Has a folding front shelf to give some prep space without sacrificing storability of the grill
  • Includes 2 meat probes with support for 4

Blackstone 900 Pellet Air Fryer Combo Grill

Like the American Pickers, Blackstone is all about bundling. They take the 900 pellet grill to the next level by bundling it with an air fryer. They’re the only company with a griddle and pellet grill combo, and now they’re the only company with a pellet grill and air fryer combo.

This model adds a 7 qt. air fryer to the other side of the grill from the hopper. It makes it look like the grill is wearing headphone or lifting weights. It’s a great design for anyone that plans to do multiple cooking functions all on the same device.

Air Fryer With Smoke

While it’s innovative in itself that the 900 has an air fryer, what’s really cook is that there is a damper on it to add smoke to your air frying.

It appears that you can pull the plate out and smoke from the cook chamber can then go into the air fryer. This adds smoky goodness to your food. The description says it can either be hot or cold smoke.

The estimated retail price for the combo model is $1,199-$1,499. It would be hard to resist not paying the extra for that model.