BioLogic Unveils Amazing Fall Attraction in New Endurance Radish

BioLogic Unveils Amazing Fall Attraction in New Endurance Radish

BioLogic, the world’s leader in food plot research, has announced the development of a new, unique food plot planting. What if there were a plant that was irresistible to whitetails? What if the same planting helped to suppress weeds, improve soil nutrients, break up compacted soils and dramatically improved the soil for future crops? Most would say it sounds like we may have stumbled across “the magic bean,” but in this case it’s a new generation of radish developed for deer, introducing “BioLogic’s Endurance Radish!”

BioLogic’s exclusive New Zealand Endurance Radish is a unique, new generation of late flowering, soft-leaf type forage radish with high quality, large tuber and prolific leaf material. It is a new generation radish cultivar capable of growing extremely browse tolerant and nutrient-dense forage with advanced regrowth and cold tolerance over traditional radishes.

In testing we have found that in addition to the desirable cover crop characteristics described above, these new radishes are some of the most attractive plants to whitetails we have EVER seen. These radishes are brassicas, just like others that BioLogic has made famous, but are attractive to deer earlier during the season than many other brassica types. However, because of the superior browse tolerance of this new cultivar the plants will continue to pump out more forage, even after being browsed, providing nutrient-rich forage for months of attraction and herd health. They’re tough, too, in addition to being browse tolerant, they are drought tolerant and cold hardy, too.

Stephen Bennett from Wrightson Seeds in New Zealand says, “Endurance radish is a soft leaved, late flowering, large bulbed fodder radish. Being quick to establish, tolerant of dry conditions and highly palatable, Endurance is very well suited to food plot blends. Endurance provides forage high in metabolizable energy and crude protein. Leaves are soft and palatable and it produces large bulbs with high above ground mass for ease of grazing.”

The Endurance Radish is also late flowering, meaning the plants hold off bolting to flower and seed a bit longer than other brassicas. Bolting uses massive amounts of the plant’s stored energy in this process. If it’s not used up in this process, the energy is instead available to be transferred to your deer herd.

Whitetails love the highly nutritious forage and the large, sweet, nutrient-packed roots making this plant 100% consumable. Endurance Radish is a great companion plant and can be sewn with other whitetail forages like clovers and other perennial legumes, cereal grains like oats, wheat, triticale or rye, and annual legumes like soybeans, mung beans or iron & clay peas.

When planted under ideal conditions with 90 days of growth the nutritional analysis of Endurance Radish is impressive. With 80% (TDN) total digestible nutrients, 29% crude protein, and a total forage output of over 12,000 lbs. per acre, it’s easy to see why deer crave these plants.

Endurance Radish should be planted in a well-prepared seedbed at a rate of 8 lbs. per acre, at a depth of 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep. It should be planted at least 45 to 60 days before your first frost. Lime and fertilize according to the results of a soil test.

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