Bill Lewis Lures Introduces Hammer Trap

Bill Lewis Lures Introduces Hammer Trap

Bill Lewis put lipless crankbaits on the map over 50 years ago. The Hammer-Trap is the newest offering in the legendary lipless lineup, offering a hammering action that is unlike any ever seen in the Rat-L-Trap family.

“The Hammer-Trap is an aggressive bait,” says Bill Lewis pro Mark Daniels Jr. “It feels closer to a chatterbait than a trap. It’s a phenomenal tool for covering water and eliciting some explosive strikes.”

The Hammer-Trap’s distinct action activates its Tri-Tone sound chambers, emitting 3 distinct tonal frequencies that drive fish crazy. “The sound chamber on the Hammer-Trap is unique,” says Daniels Jr. “It’s also got an irresistible shimmy on slack line that’s hard for a bass to pass up. This bait will show out.”

Available in both ? oz and ? oz, the Hammer-Trap has 16 pro-selected colors to choose from and comes equipped with Mustad Triple Grip hooks.

The Bill Lewis brand has been built on decades of proven results, and the future looks even brighter. For more information on the Bill Lewis brand of lures, please visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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