Bill Lewis Lures Debuts GNAT

Bill Lewis Lures Debuts GNAT

Not all micro-cranks are created equal. Though the all-new Bill Lewis GNAT may be small, it has a serious bite that every angler can enjoy.

“The GNAT is designed to catch everything that swims,” says Bill Lewis pro Cliff Crochet. “Though it’s a micro-crank, the GNAT has some big bait qualities that really set it apart from its competitors.”

Simply put, the GNAT will outperform any other bait in its class in terms of finish, action, and castability. A weight transfer system ensures that the GNAT can fly as far as you need it to, and premium finishes result in bites from countless species of gamefish.

Coming in at ? oz and 1.5’’ in length, the GNAT is designed to run up to 3 feet deep and is available in 8 proven colors. “This little bait has great action,” says Crochet. “If you’re looking to match the hatch and have a blast doing so, pick up the GNAT and see what all the fun is about.”

The Bill Lewis brand has been built on decades of proven results, and the future looks even brighter. For more information on the Bill Lewis brand of lures, please visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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