Big Green Revamps Gun Care Line

Remington Ammunition has announced the release of a revamped line of gun care and cleaning supplies. This line of products will include firearm cleaning and care assistance chemicals, accessories and storage solutions, as well as a new line of range bags and cases to assist hunters and shooters at home, at the range or in the field.

“Remington is proud to offer both top-notch ammunition and the products that help gun owners maintain their firearms for longer periods, ensuring optimal performance,” said Remington’s Shooting Accessories Global Product Line Director Dan Deeb. “At Remington, we understand the importance of proper firearm maintenance, and our goal is to provide gun owners with the best tools and solutions available.”

The iconic Remington cleaning product line is getting a sleek new look, including refreshed packaging on favorites like Rem Oil and new products like Remington Lead Removing Wipes. The Remington cleaning product line offers a comprehensive range of top-notch cleaning chemicals and accessories, ensuring that every firearm is kept in pristine condition.

Remington Gun Cleaning and Care Products 

SKU / Description / MSRP

Remington Gun Care Accessories

 SKU / Description / MSRP

In addition to the gun cleaning supplies, Remington is offering gun cases, shell pouches and range bags, designed to cater to the needs of shooters and hunters at every level. With three new product lines for 2024, Premier, First In The Field and Gun Club, every firearm owner can find the perfect case, bag or pouch to suit their needs.

Remington Range Bags & Gun Cases

SKU / Description / MSRP
RPSP / Premier Shell Pouch / $54.99
RPRB / Premier Range Bag / $159.99
RPSC48 / Premier Shotgun Case 48″ / $94.99
RPSC52 / Premier Shotgun Case 52″ / $94.99
RPSRC44 / Premier Scoped Rifle Case 44″ / $99.99
RPSRC48 Premier Scoped Rifle Case 48″ / $99.99
RFFSC48 / First in the Field Shotgun Case 48″ / $54.99
RFFSC52 / First in the Field Shotgun Case 52″ / $54.99
RFFSRC44 / First in the Field Scoped Rifle Case 44″ / $59.99
RFFSRC48 / First in the Field Scoped Rifle Case 48″ / $59.99
RSRC40 / Gun Club Rifle Case 40″ / $29.99
RSRC48 / Gun Club Rifle Case 48″ / $29.99
RGCSC52 / Gun Club Shotgun Case 52″ / $29.99
RGCRB / Gun Club Range Bag / $54.99
RGCSBP / Gun Club Pouch / $11.99
RGCCSHB / Gun Club Combo Shell Hull Bag / $34.99
RTFGC52 / Tri-Fold Gun Case / $39.99
RNGS52 / Neoprene Gun Sleeve 53″ / $34.99


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