Benjamin .22 Match Grade Domed Pellets Receive Hard Air Magazine Gold Award

Benjamin Airguns, a pioneer in premium airguns with a rich history dating back to 1882, is pleased to announce its newly released .22 caliber Match Grade Domed Pellets have received a coveted Gold rating from Hard Air Magazine.

Hard Air Magazine uses stringent pellet testing methodologies to rate pellets based on meticulously measured criteria for manufacturing consistency, terminal performance, and ballistic coefficient.

“It’s tough to gain a Hard Air Magazine Gold Award in pellets,” said Hard Air Magazine publisher Stephen Archer. “But these Benjamin pellets manage it easily.”

Officially unveiled at SHOT Show 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the .22 caliber Match Grade Domed Pellets scored very high for pellet head diameter consistency, a key factor for precise, repeatable performance. The Benjamin pellets all measured within .01mm of each other, or one third of one thousandth of an inch.

Another high mark for Benjamin was for weight consistency, with all tested pellets weighing within a 1.4% difference, much better than the average of similar pellets in past tests. Besides consistent diameter, consistent weight is another factor key to precision.

The single-die manufacturing process for these pellets contributes to their .028 ballistic coefficient, very high for .22 caliber air gun pellets, making them ideal for Field Target shooters and others requiring consistent performance at distance.

Overall, the .22 pellets scored a rating of 81%, slightly better than the .177 Domed Match Grade pellets at 77% which also received a Gold Award from Hard Air Magazine in August, 2023.

Each tin of pellets retails for $19.99. In stock and shipping, now, Benjamin Match Grade Domed Pellets are available in quantities of 400 pellets for .22 caliber and 500 pellets for .177 caliber. The .25 caliber pellets are scheduled to be available before the end of spring 2024. To learn more, or to purchase, visit the Benjamin Domed Match Grade Pellets page.

About Benjamin Airguns:

Established in 1882, Benjamin Airguns has remained at the forefront of airgun innovation for over 141 years. Based in the USA, the company takes pride in producing top-quality air rifles and pellets, beloved by shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike. With an unwavering commitment to precision and craftsmanship, Benjamin Airguns continues to shape the future of airgun shooting.