Benelli Challenge Helps Fund BSA Shooting Sports Facility

Benelli Initiative Helps California Waterfowl

Accokeek, MD – As part of the company’s ongoing partnerships with key wildlife conservation groups to help save wild habitat and expand wildlife populations, Benelli USA is working with California Waterfowl Association to raise funds for the organization’s new and existing conservation initiatives.

The Benelli Challenge seeks to increase new donations to help fund specific waterfowl programs the association is focused on for 2023. These include:

  • California Wood Duck Program – CWA staff, members and volunteers build, maintain, and monitor wood duck nest boxes all over the state, resulting in nearly 1 million ducklings hatched since the inception of the program.
  • Duck Banding – California Waterfowl contributes to waterfowl research by banding as many as 9,000 ducks a year.
  • Egg Salvage Program – California Waterfowl partners with wildlife-friendly farmers to salvage duck nests from their fields prior to normal farming operations that might destroy nests.
  • Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Program – This program provides incentives for farmers to delay wheat harvest long enough to let ducklings hatch naturally and leave the field with their mothers.
  • New Rice Levee Program – California Waterfowl’s Rice Levee Pilot Program pays rice farmers to provide waterfowl nesting habitat on their levees during the spring and summer.

As part of the Benelli Challenge, donors who gift California Waterfowl Association $10,000 or more receive either a 12- or 20-guage Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shotgun in Max 5 camo.

“The additional support and commitment to California Waterfowl’s conservation efforts have been nothing short of tremendous,” said Scott Mueller, VP Fund & Membership Development for California Waterfowl Association. “The opportunity to partner with an industry leader like Benelli has ensured our ability to offer additional conservation efforts to achieve a California with thriving waterfowl populations. This spring, vital waterfowl programs like the Egg Salvage Program, Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Program, as well as our new Rice Levee Program will support even more local nesting waterfowl than ever before. Benelli has really helped make an impact in combatting declining populations of California’s waterfowl.”

Thus far, the Benelli Challenge has raised $210,000 for CWA’s impacted waterfowl programs.

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