Bear Creek Arsenal Replacement Barrels/Slides for Glock

Bear Creek Arsenal has a premium selection of replacement barrels for Glock that are beyond compare in durability and performance. We have proven increased accuracy when using a Bear Creek Arsenal barrel for Glock. Attach a suppressor to our threaded barrels and enjoy superior accuracy and durability backed by our limited lifetime warranty! You can also find your dream replacement Glock slide to customize your firearm. Our custom barrels and slides are designed to be drop-in for multiple Glock designs. Whether you want to upgrade your handgun with competition-grade options or add some personality, you can get it all and add the ability to attach an RMR print sight, improve accuracy, and make your handgun shine with our window-cut slides. These will surely enhance your Glock experience and get you the look you’ve always wanted in your handgun with a variety of custom finishes, which increase resistance to surface wear, lubricity, and barrel life at a price you cannot pass on. Never sacrifice quality or your wallet when you shop top-tier handgun parts from BCA and the best part, our pistol barrels are 100% machined in-house!


About Bear Creek Arsenal

Established in 2013, Bear Creek Arsenal® has quickly become a leader in affordable AR-15, AR-10, our proprietary Rimfire ARs, PCCs, HuntMaster, and parts. With over 50 years of manufacturing and CNC experience, the founders of Bear Creek Arsenal® have always focused on producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for the everyday American. Manufacturing all key components in-house, in America allows Bear Creek Arsenal® to keep prices down while offering a huge variety of calibers and configurations for their customers.

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