Bear Creek Arsenal 416R Stainless Steel Barrels

Bear Creek Arsenal 416R Stainless Steel Barrels

Bear Creek Arsenal produces high-quality firearms at reasonable prices without compromising the material used in all components. 416R is a type of stainless steel that is hardenable chromium and particularly suited for use in high-quality precision and longevity of the barrel. This grade of steel has better machinability and, because of closely controlled chemistry and processing techniques, may be machined and lapped to a high finish, which is necessary for bore accuracy by giving accurate rifling to precise groove dimensions. Common “416” Stainless Steel gets brittle at freezing temperatures; however, 416R is formulated to function in arctic conditions (down to -40 F). 416R stainless steel offers better corrosion resistance, prevents rusting, and minimizes fouling. BCA provides its 416R with a durable finish and offers Black Nitride options for those who do not want the polished stainless look. BCA offers exclusive Black Wolf and Bear Claw fluted options that give you the best of the 416R barrel with some high-end designs to make your barrel stand out apart from the run-of-the-mill barrel and will be a showpiece as well as being functional.

About Bear Creek Arsenal

Established in 2013, Bear Creek Arsenal® has quickly become a leader in affordable AR-15, AR-10, our proprietary Rimfire ARs, PCCs, HuntMaster, and parts. With over 50 years of manufacturing and CNC experience, the founders of Bear Creek Arsenal® have always focused on producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for the everyday American. Manufacturing all key components in-house, in America allows Bear Creek Arsenal® to keep prices down while offering a huge variety of calibers and configurations for their customers.

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