BDE Suppressors by PWS Excel in Comprehensive Testing by PEW Science

BDE Suppressors by PWS Excel in Comprehensive Testing by PEW Science

Boise, Id., September 6, 2023 – PWS is proud to showcase the results of the recent testing completed by PEW Science on the BDE (Bravo Delta Echo) 762 Suppressor. The renowned PEW Science laboratory provides the public firearm community with meaningful, comprehensive, unbiased sound signature testing and analysis for suppressed weapon systems. Their many decades of experience in this field have culminated into the “Silencer Sound Standard”, which is the “most accurate, comprehensive, and meaningful small arms sound signature rating certification available.” After a comprehensive review of the BDE 762 Suppressor on the Savage Model 10 PC .308, PEW Science gave the BDE a stellar 48.7 PEW Science Suppression Rating. This great rating system that PEW Science has developed showcases the suppressor’s sound suppression in conjunction with the volume of fire, from self-defense and limited hunting engagement all the way up to an extremely high volume of fire. The rating shows that the BDE 762 provided high suppression performance on a tactical or hunting rifle, significantly reducing the hearing damage risk to the operator. Further results from the testing showed that the BDE 762 also offers high performance in both long and short configurations, delivering moderate back pressure in the long configuration and low back pressure in the short configuration.

The BDE line of suppressors started in 2022 with the original 7.62x51mm offering—the BDE 762. All suppressors in the BDE line, including the new BDE 9, BDE 22, and BDE 556 caliber additions are 3D printed out of Grade-5 titanium, which is lighter and stronger than traditionally machined titanium (6al-4V). The 7.62, 5.56, and 9mm modular suppressors in the BDE line are finished with a durable PVD outside coating, while the .22 suppressor is finished with a DLC coating inside and outside for a durable, easy-to-clean finish. Each suppressor includes an exterior textured design that dissipates heat and mirage, regardless of round count. Tapered threading prevents carbon locking and loosening between baffles, while symmetrical internal baffles enhance accuracy. Each 762 and 556 suppressor features the Universal 1.375×24 TPI pattern for compatibility with most suppressor mounts. The 9mm BDE suppressor is equipped with the universal 1.125-28 TPI pattern and the BDE 22 fits standard 1/2×28 muzzle threads. The entire lineup is lighter and quieter than other suppressors on the market, with the BDE 22 currently the lightest 5.7x28mm .22 suppressor on the market.

Blake Young, Director of Engineering at PWS, had this to say: “We are extremely pleased, yet not surprised, to see the exceptional performance characteristics of the BDE 762 from PEW Science. Their professional approach to independent testing is recognized as the leading authority on unbiased suppressor ratings and the results speak for themselves. We look forward to continuing to have Jay and his team review additional models for PWS in the very near future.”

Be sure to read the full article and review the testing data by PEW Science.

All BDE models are shipping now and available for purchase through select retailers and direct from PWS at

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