BCB Reaffirm Commitment to the United States

BCB Reaffirm Commitment to the United States

BCB International Ltd reflected their ongoing commitment to the United States defence and security markets by supporting partners’ at Modern Day Marine (MDM) and Special Operations Forces (SOF) Tampa 2024. The Modern-Day Marine event featured 300 exhibitors, 350 companies, Interactive displays and a wargaming convention. Modern Marine consisted of briefings from the commandant of the Marine Corps,and influential leaders from the Department of Defense.

BCB exhibited through partners at both shows featuring their new and dynamic Larva Cloak, Alternate Illuminated Marker, Multi-Spectral camouflage, Dragon Fuel, IR filter Camo Cream, and combat medic First Aid Kits. They gathered significant interest on all items but more especially in their Multi-Spectral Camouflage (MSC) from several companies and US armed forces.

Significant interest from overseas delegations was received in their multi-spectral camouflage for counter-drug operations in the jungles of South America where detection by drones is so important.

BCB are in a prime position with their multi-spectralcamouflage products for Military operations. In the Retail sector, some of BCB products are creating significant interest in their applications in the Retail market for America, specifically the BCB eco field cooking system, FireDragon, which is great for cooking rations and givesone hot coffee and melting snow all in under 6 minutes, without the smell, weight burden or hazards of the flameless systems.

During the trip, BCB met with multiple members of the Department for Business and Trade team, British Embassy and Welsh consulate including the Welsh Deputy Head of North America.

At SOF Week 2024 the United Kingdom had a significant show space booked out to feature multiple British businesses. BCB had good discussions on exports opportunities for the United Sates and their strategy to expand their footprint in America.

It is clear from both exhibitions that there is significant interest in BCB’s capabilities and it is hoped that this will lead to further business in the important United States market.