BarrelBlok Now Being Used By Law Enforcement Agencies in Half of US States

BarrelBlok was originally designed to support safe dry fire for law enforcement agencies and now the product can boast a new achievement. BarrelBlok is now in use by agencies in 26 US states.

BarrelBlok is a simple plastic tool that installs into the firearm via the ejection port, into the barrel, and protrudes from the muzzle. It renders the firearm absolutely inert, protects the firing pin from potential damage, and provides a visual indicator to anyone in the immediate firearm that the gun is safe.

It is always paired with and sold with MagBloks which are inserted into the magazine, pushing the follower down in order to prevent slide lock, thus allowing for various manipulations and training exercises without any training scars.

“The mission of the BarrelBlok product line is to eliminate negligent discharges and provide a safe and effective training environment for dry fire” said Jacob Paulsen, President of Concealed Carry Inc which owns and distributes the BarrelBlok products. “From our military to law enforcement to the everyday gun owner we all need to build up our gun handling and shooting skills but ammunition cost hikes and tighter budgets means more dry fire and BarrelBlok facilitates that with increased safety and more effective reps!”

In addition to the now 100 plus agencies utilizing BarrelBlok and MagBlok in training, these tools have also been sold to The US Navy, US Air Force, DEA, Dept of Homeland Security, DOJ, US Customs and Border Protection, and the Department of the Interior.

Unlike other chamber safety tools on the market BarrelBlok is installed without disassembling the firearm, fits snug in the chamber, and allows the firearm to go fully into battery. The product line is patented and available in traditional handgun calibers and 5.56 NATO.