BANISH Speed K Silencer Shipping to Law Enforcement Agencies

BANISH Speed K Silencer Shipping to Law Enforcement Agencies

Silencer Central, the leader in suppressor design and sales, announces the first sale of the new BANISH® Speed K silencer to law enforcement agencies. The Pasco, Washington Police Department purchased 110 units for its officers after exhaustive testing.

The BANISH Speed K was designed through a partnership with Federal Ammunition as the perfect suppressor for law enforcement. Its size was a major appeal to the Pasco PD. At just 4-inches long and with a 2-inch diameter, the Speed K is perfect for close-quarters work for SWAT teams and for duty rifles. The compact size helps reduce the risk of the rifle getting hung up when speed counts. It offers 138.5 decibels at the shooter’s ear on a 10.5” barrel in 5.56, helping to protect the officers’ hearing in close situations.

“We are very proud of the BANISH Speed K and our partnership with Federal Ammunition,” said Brandon Maddox, Silencer Central CEO. “I was confident that the Pasco, Washington Police Department would want to add the Speed K after they tested it. It met every design point that we set out for it, and Pasco’s testing proves it is a perfect silencer for law enforcement agencies.”

The BANISH Speed K is a full-auto rated, 5.56-caliber suppressor with clipped-wall baffles and a finned blast chamber. Using controlled flow technology and a vented 4th baffle, the Speed K minimizes gas blowback for a better shooting experience, something the Pasco Police appreciated during testing. The design allows for only a 5.8% increase in blowback from unsuppressed shooting, enabling rifles to function smoothly without additional modification. It also lessened recoil, eliminated muzzle flash and cut muzzle rise during rapid fire testing.

“Having the entire department equipped with suppressed patrol rifles was an important consideration,” said Chief Ken Roske of the Pasco, Washington Police Department. “Reducing potential hearing loss of officers and the public during shooting events was a major factor in our testing. Another factor in Pasco PD decision to purchase was the durability of the Speed K. It is constructed with 100% Inconel, an incredibly strong type of specialized steel, for durability and lower heat retention.”

Passing seven rounds of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) testing protocol during development proves the BANISH Speed K is extremely rugged and won’t fail when it matters most. Many suppressors don’t pass one round of SOCOM testing, let alone seven rounds.

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