B5 Systems Expands Line of Retro Firearm Accessories for the CAR15

B5 Systems Expands Line of Retro Firearm Accessories for the CAR15

B5 Systems, a leading provider of professional grade firearms accessories, proudly announces the expansion of its retro firearm accessories, designed specifically for the CAR15. These components blend classic aesthetics with modern materials, providing authentic and high-quality options to enhance your CAR15 or other Clone Rifles, available in Black and OD Green.

The B5 Systems Retro Line includes:

CAR15 Stock: Faithful to the original design, this mil-spec stock offers a nostalgic look while incorporating modern materials for improved durability. It features sharp checkering and fixed sling mounts.

LS2 Pistol Grip: Combining a classic contour with advanced polymer construction and built in storage, this grip provides the perfect balance of nostalgia and functionality.

CAR15 6-Hole Handguard: These drop in carbine handguards capture the original slim 6-hole design with integral heatshield.

B5 Systems retro series pays homage to classic AR15 parts and accessories while being made of modern materials and to the same exacting standards of all B5 Systems products.  The retro line of products is perfect for your Military Clone or Modern KISS build.

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