AUSA 23 – FN USA’s PGS-001 Precision Grenadier System

AUSA 23 – FN USA’s PGS-001 Precision Grenadier System

FN USA is a phase two finalist for the xTechSoldier Lethality Precision Grenadier System.

According to the Army’s vision for the system, PGS:

The PGS shall be a Soldier portable, flat trajectory, semi-automatic, magazine fed, integrated armament system that enables precision engagements to destroy personnel targets in defilade and in the open with increased lethality and precision compared to legacy grenade launchers. The PGS is anticipated to be deployed as a Soldier’s primary weapon system and provide organic close-quarters combat and counter-defilade capabilities through a family of ammunition, providing overmatch to comparable threat grenade launchers in near-peer formations in future operating environments to include urban, woodland, subterranean, and desert, in day, night, or obscured conditions.

At AUSA FN displayed a 3D model of their PGS-001 candidate which is said to fire 30mm projectiles. It is a box fed, semiautomatic weapon with fire control.


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