Armasight Unleashes the Jockey Series Thermal Clip-on Optic

Armasight Unleashes the Jockey Series Thermal Clip-on Optic

Armasight, a pioneer in Thermal and Night Vision technology, is thrilled to unveil the groundbreaking Jockey Series Thermal Clip-on Optic. This game-changing device empowers users to effortlessly convert their standard daytime rifle setup into a cutting-edge Thermal platform.

Experience the Evolution: Key Features of the Jockey Thermal Clip-on

  • ArmaCore 12 micron Thermal Core: Powering your vision with unparalleled clarity.
  • Smooth 60Hz Frame Rate: Ensuring seamless operation and unparalleled visual acuity through Armasight’s Iron Wolf thermal technology.
  • Recoil Rated Up to 223/.556: Engineered for rugged dependability.
  • Effortless Integration: Mounts seamlessly in front of your existing 1-6x day scope with zero additional calibration.
  • Compact, Lightweight Design: Keeps your favorite firearms nimble, whether it’s a sporting rifle, rimfire, airgun, or crossbow.

Unleash Your Potential with Advanced Features

  • Video and Image Capture: Relive your moments of glory.
  • USB Video Stream: Seamlessly share your experiences.
  • USB-C Interface: Conveniently view your recordings and photos on external devices.
  • Rich Color Palettes: Choose your preferred visual style.
  • Intuitive Controls: Effortless operation with simple 3-button controls.
  • Quick Detach Mount: Swift, tool-free detachment for your convenience.

The Jockey Series is now available both online and at select retail outlets. Experience the future of thermal optics and transform your shooting adventures into something extraordinary with the Jockey Thermal Clip-on.

Package Includes: Thermal Imaging Clip-on, Quick Detach Mount, USB-C Cable, Thermal Zeroing Target, Product Manual, 2 × CR123A Battery, Lens Cloth, Soft Case.


Armasight Jockey 320 – $2,499

Armasight Jockey 640 – $3,799

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