Armageddon Gear Hunt – Possibles Bag

Armageddon Gear recently launched their hunting line just in time for the fall season.

The Armageddon Gear Hunt, Possibles Bag was easier to create than to name. This style bag has been used since the 18th century by frontiersmen, trappers, rangers, explorers, and hunters that crossed over the Mississippi to head west. Over the years this style of bag has been called many things. Originally it was called a Bullet Pouch or Hunting Bag.

Used to carry the essential tools to operate a muzzle loader, fire starters, knives, and other small necessities. Later it became known as a possibles bag, which according to research was a larger bag typically carried by horse for camp items as well as furs. Waterfowlers have called this a Ditty bag which was originally a bag carried by seamen for their personal effects as well as tools. So, we have chosen to call this product…The possibles bag, since its possibilities are numerous.

Available in Oak or Tan waxed canvas.